Our Story

First of all ……. Welcome to BelowDash!

Our Story
We do not only sell products; We want to sell an experience!
There are so many companies, with millions of products and millions of customers, it really becomes one big mass production society. You can search on those websites for hours and hours on end, without any personal touch whatsoever.

Here at BelowDash, we want to make it a personal shopping experience.
Less products, but QUALITY products for a very attractive price.

Our dream?
A very happy happy customer who joins the BelowDash Family!
Who wears or uses our products with pride and joy.

What we hate:
**** Bad customer service:
“Please wait 5 working days before we process your e-mail”
Not at BelowDash! We will answer you in a few hours MAX.

**** Mass production and millions of products:
Here at BelowDash we keep it triple S; Short, Sweet and Simple.

**** Shipping costs:
We’re allergic to shipping costs, we send every product to your door.
Absolutely FREE.

The Owners
My name is Barry Smulders, 29 years old, from Maastricht, The Netherlands.
I have 2 jobs:
I work Part-time at Vodafone in Maastricht and I work for BelowDash obviously! And I have a really nice family myself…
I am living together with my girlfriend Melissa and my 1 year old son Dexter. 
Those 2 people make my world go round and when Dexter is old enough, who knows, maybe he will run BelowDash someday ;) 

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If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please let us know! 

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