Fall 2017: The 5 Best Must-Haves Below $30!

Fall 2017: The 5 Best Must-Haves Below $30!

BelowDash Fall

#1 MEOW Beanie / Skullie

When it's getting cold, a beanie is the answer!
Obviously you want to look cute at the same time.
Beanies used to be worn by men a lot, but the ladies are taking over.
These beanies are worn low on the head, covering the forehead.
You can also pull it a little lower over the ears as well.
Stylish, cute and practical!

We have 4 colors available. 
You can check them out here.

#2 Designer Cat Eye Sunglasses
The Fall can be unpredictable.... Sometimes the sun decides to show!
(hopefully the sun shows a lot this year, we hate rainy days here at BelowDash)
In that fortunate event this eye-wear is perfect to carry in your purse.
It has UV400 protection and has a slick and sexy design.
These sunglasses are inspired by Italian designers and very popular with the trendy and classy ladies.

We have 8 variants and different colors available. 
You can check the Cat Eye Sunglasses here.
Cat Eye Sunglasses

#3 Fresh Fruit Cap 
So it's Fall and the sun is up, remember ;) ?
It's still cold though and you want to wear something to protect you against te sun...
The Fresh Fruit Cap is the answer!
They look playfull and a have a little summer like feel, with these fresh and bright colors.
With this cap, the summer is not far away.
In October We Wear Pink!
With Every Cap Sold, We Will Donate $1 To Bright Pink!

We have 6 different variants available, so there's always one perfect for you!
You can check these cute caps here. 

#4 S
ilver Heart Stud Earrings
"Diamonds are a girls best friend" 
- Everyone
So you like accessories and jewelry? Check out our Limited Edition - Silver Heart Stud Earrings.
Perfect for all outfits: Casual, Prom, Weddings and a Gala...
These will look absolutely gorgeous!
These Earrings feel luxurious and elegant. Also great as a gift!
Honestly.... These Earrings are our favorite.

Check out your soon-to-be earrings here. 
Silver Heart Stud Earrings

#5 The Selfie Ring
So you want to make a beautiful picture with all your new accessories....
But it's dark outside 
:( ... Or you're in the club getting your groove on and really REALLY want to make that awsome picture.
This Selfie Light Ring works awesome!
It has 36 Led's for a nice glow and makes every Selfie look picture perfect!

We have them in 3 different colors and work with every phone with a Front Camera.
Check out this awesome gadget here. 
The Selfie Ring

So that's it! We hoped you found some inspiration for this Fall.
We're always on the lookout for the latest trends and products.
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One Love,

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