My First Blog!

My First Blog!

Well guys, girls, ladies and gentleman, welcome to my first Blog!

It has been a crazy month:
On the 1st of September we started the webshop.
My son turned 1, and myself, I turned 29 years old...
And honestly, I feel really old :( 

The webshop has had more than 500 (!) visitors this month, that's awesome!
Thank you guys for checking us out. 
Also a BIG shout out to all the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Followers!

BelowDash Friends
We have reached 100 Facebook followers, which is great!
First some of my friends started to follow BelowDash on Facebook, and now we have 75+ new Friends. Still counting though :)

Sneak peak in the BelowDash kitchen!
We want to give you a little heads up about our brand and the way we organize things!
First of all: The webshop...This took many sleepless nights and hard work.
We keep tweaking it, changing templates, changing colors, changing fonts…
You name it: we’ve changed it probably about 14 times.

The products: Pretty essential when you have a webshop…
We are always searching for the best products, for the best prices. This also takes hours and hours. We only want to deliver top-notch products, for an affordable price and this takes time and energy. But we love it!

Also very important….Social Media!
We want to be as active as possible, with fresh content and products, but sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in a day… So some days we are a little slow (if I am being honest). BUT in a week or 2 things will settle a little more, so that means: a lot more content, Tweets, Facebook message, Instagram updates and E-mails!

Thanks for reading friends, we’ll keep you updated!

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