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Fall 2017: The 5 Best Must-Haves Below $30!

Fall 2017: The 5 Best Must-Haves Below $30! #1 MEOW Beanie / SkullieWhen it's getting cold, a beanie is the answer!Obviously you want to look cute at the same time.Beanies used to be worn by men a lot, but the ladies are taking over.These beanies are worn low on the head, covering the forehead.You can also pull it a little lower over the ears as well. Stylish, cute and practical!We have 4 colors available. You can check them out here. #2 Designer Cat Eye SunglassesThe Fall can be unpredictable.... Sometimes the sun decides to show!(hopefully the sun shows a lot this year, we hate rainy days here at BelowDash)In that fortunate event this eye-wear is perfect to carry in your purse.It has UV400...

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My First Blog!

My First Blog! Well guys, girls, ladies and gentleman, welcome to my first Blog! It has been a crazy month: On the 1st of September we started the webshop. My son turned 1, and myself, I turned 29 years old... And honestly, I feel really old :(  The webshop has had more than 500 (!) visitors this month, that's awesome! Thank you guys for checking us out.  Also a BIG shout out to all the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Followers! BelowDash Friends We have reached 100 Facebook followers, which is great! First some of my friends started to follow BelowDash on Facebook, and now we have 75+ new Friends. Still counting though :) Sneak peak in the BelowDash kitchen! We want...

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Our Story

First of all ……. Welcome to BelowDash!Our StoryWe do not only sell products; We want to sell an experience!There are so many companies, with millions of products and millions of customers, it really becomes one big mass production society. You can search on those websites for hours and hours on end, without any personal touch whatsoever.Here at BelowDash, we want to make it a personal shopping experience. Less products, but QUALITY products for a very attractive price.Our dream? A very happy happy customer who joins the BelowDash Family!Who wears or uses our products with pride and joy.What we hate:**** Bad customer service: “Please wait 5 working days before we process your e-mail” Not at BelowDash! We will answer you in a few hours MAX.**** Mass...

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